Patio Heater Guidelines


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and as we head into cooler months, the city of Powell and Liberty Township Fire Department have established a set of guidelines surrounding the use of portable heaters. The city of Powell, in cooperation with the Liberty Township Fire Department have developed Patio Heater Guidelines to allow businesses the use of outdoor patio propane heaters throughout the city. The rules permit local businesses to use portable propane fuel gas patio type heating equipment for outdoor dining areas. Local businesses participating must comply with all requirements and regulations established by the Liberty Township Fire Department and the City of Powell and in compliance with all applicable state and local regulations, as further set forth below.

In accordance with the Ohio Fire Code provisions, patio heaters using portable propane fuel gas must be:

  1. Used with permission from property/landowner.
  2. Used in consultation with the local business association.
  3. Used in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.
  4. Listed and labeled for use as a commercial grade patio heater (UL listed appliance).
  5. Equipped with an electronic ignition.
  6. Located at and on level grade.
  7. Firmly secured to prevent being knocked over.
  8. Located so as not to obstruct ingress or egress throughout the property.
  9. Not located within five (5) feet of an exit or entrance.
  10. Not directly located under a canopy, tent, or combustible material nor closer than 5 feet to combustible decorations and combustible overhangs, awnings, sunshades, or similar combustible attachments to buildings.
  11. Kept away from combustible, per manufacturer guidelines.
  12. Used with CO alarms for areas with a ceiling or enclosure.
  13. Must be refueled only while the public is not present.

For further questions about the usage of portable propane gas heating equipment, please contact Fire Prevention at Liberty Township Fire Department 740-938-2027.