Commercial Grade, 1.3G Fireworks Information

Application for Fireworks Exhibition

Who can shoot fireworks in Ohio?

Only a licensed fireworks exhibitor can discharge commercial grade, 1.3G fireworks in Ohio. Those interested in becoming a licensed exhibitor must apply with the Bureau of Testing and Registration (T&R), pass an exam, and complete a background check. Applicants must submit a letter of proficiency in the handling and discharging of fireworks from an Ohio licensed exhibitor or possess a certified copy of a fireworks license from another state.

What is the process for holding a fireworks exhibition?

An exhibition permit is required for all firework exhibitions, which is issued by Liberty Township Fire Department and must be approved by the Powell Police Chief or Delaware County Sheriff depending on the local jurisdiction. The permit specifies the date, time, location and other parameters of how the exhibition will be executed. Applicants must be a licensed fireworks exhibitor, and the fireworks must be purchased from an Ohio licensed wholesaler, manufacturer, or out-of-state shipper. Authorities inspect the exhibition site before, during and after the exhibition. Federal, state and local laws and regulations must be followed.

The exhibition must also comply with the Ohio Fire Code and the safety provisions outlined in the Ohio Revised Code. During the shoot, only registered employees and the certified fire safety official are allowed within

the discharge site.

Are there penalties for failing to follow Ohio's fireworks laws?

Yes. Most first-time violations are first-degree misdemeanors, punishable by up to a $1,000 fine and six months in jail. Illegal fireworks can be confiscated by law enforcement authorities. Violations include failing to transport fireworks out of state within the specified time period and discharging fireworks.