2021 Liberty Township Photo Contest Entries


People' Choice Winner "Changing of the Seasons at the End of the Day" Ken Shenefield

Changing of the Seasons at the end of the Day 19-Up resize

2nd Place "Eagle Eye" Joan Pearse

Eagle Eye 19-Up resize

3rd Place "Keep it Real, Keep it Rural" Jason Davis

Keep It Real-Keep It Rural 19-Up resize

"A Sign of Summer" David Morris

A Sign of Summer 19-Uprresize

"Springtime?" Kristi Cooper

Springtime 19-Upresize

"1950 or 2021?" Amy Henderson

1950 or 2021 19-Up resize

"Bluebird Parents About to Feed Babies" Donald Pearse, Sr.

Bluebifrd parents about to feed babies 19-Up resize

"Before the Storm" Karen Willoh

Before the storm 19-Uptresize

"Beauty in the Season" Pam Weirick

Beauty in the Season 19-UPresize

"Snowy Day" Cameron Caldwell

Snowy Day 12-Underresize

"Snow Covered Stroll" Callum Caldwell

Snow Covered Stroll 13-19resize

"Smoke from Western Wildfires Creates Powell Beauty" Bob Goldring

Smoke from Western Wildfires Creates Powell Beauty 19-Upresize

" Childhood and Marriage and Times Past" Jamie LaPlante

Generations in Summer 19-Up resize

"Fog Beauty" Bob Goldring

Fog Beauty 19-Upresize

"Exploring the Woods" Callum Caldwell

Exploring the Woods 13-19resize

"Leaves Falling Backyard" Cameron Caldwell

Leaves Falling in the Backyard 12-Under resize

"Heron in Heronry" Joan Pearse

Heron in Heronry 19-Upresize

"Goodnight, Liberty" Ken Shenefield

Good night Liberty 19-UP resize

"Springtime?" Kristi Cooper

Springtime 19-Upresize

"Early Summer Splendor" Carol Santee

Early Summer Splendor 19-Up resize

"Developments of Change" Lauren Greiner

Developments of change 19-Up resize

"Deer Posing in Spring Flowers" Donald Pearse

Deer posing in Spring flowers 19-Up resize

"Dawn" Kristi Cooper

Dawn 19-Up resize

"Generations in Summer" Jamie LaPlante

Childhood and marriage and times past 19-Up resize

"Ahead of the Storm" Karen Willoh

Ahead of the storm 19-Upresize