What is a KnoxBox?

A KnoxBox is a secure key vault that is mounted outside of your business or home, it allows the fire department, in case of emergency only, to gain access to your business or home. KnoxBoxes can prevent fire fighters from having to force entry in to businessesKnox Box E322 or homes, potentially saving costly repairs to broken doors.

All KnoxBoxes installed in Liberty Township may only be accessed by authorized Liberty Township fire fighters utilizing the KeySecure key holder permanently mounted in all Liberty Township Fire & EMS apparatus. Each fire fighter has a unique access code and a digital log keeps track of who removed the key, what day and time it was removed, and how long it was out. The keys are only removed in the event of an emergency or if a KnoxBox needs opened to exchange the building key.

If you have limited mobility, and/or are prone to falling, or for any other reason would like to have a KnoxBox, please click on the Residential KnoxBox Program for information on how to order a residential KnoxBox. If your mobility is limited on a temporary basis as the result of a long term injury or illness, Liberty Township Fire Department has temporary KnoxBoxes that can be requested at no charge for residents. The program works in coordination with the Delaware County Special Needs Registry. Upon request and completion of the required Special Needs Registry form, the boxes are loaned to a resident and then returned to the fire department when their use is no longer needed.  

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