Public Records

The Ohio Public Records Act ensures that the records of government are available to citizens.  The Act provides citizens with steps to take in order to request records from any public office in Ohio while protecting certain specific types of records from release.  Any person may request to inspect or obtain copies of public records from a public office that keeps those records.  While a requester does not have to provide a reason for wanting records, provide his or her name or make the request in writing, the request does have to be specific and clear enough for the public office to reasonably identify what records are being sought. The Township may refuse a request if the Township no longer keeps the records (pursuant to the Liberty Township Public Records Retention Schedule), if the request is for document that are not records of the Township, or if the requester does not revise an ambiguous or overly broad request. The Ohio Sunshine Laws, issued by the Ohio Attorney General's Office, is the complete open government resource manual.