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Public Records Request Form (RC100)

  1. Ohio law does not require disclosure of your identity or intended use of requested records nor does it require that a request be in writing. However, a public office may ask that a request be in writing, disclosing the identity of the requester and/or stating the intended use, when a written request, disclosure of identity or intended use would enhance the ability to comply with the request.
  2. Records Request Information
  3. With as much specificity as possible, describe what records you are requesting, including date ranges, subject/employee, project, department, etc.
  4. Preferred method of receiving records:
  5. Please note: The email / file upload option may not always be possible due to size, type of record, etc.
  6. e.g., paper, email, USB drive, etc.
  7. Fees may apply to records requests in accordance with the Liberty Township Public Records Fee Schedule.
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