Liberty Township Cemeteries

Carpenter Cemetery - small family cemetery said to be the first burial place in Delaware. The original cemetery location is east of the Olentangy River near Seymour Woods Preserve. In 2008 an Ohio historical marker commemorating Nathan Carpenter, who established the first settlement in what would become Delaware County, was erected on the grounds of Liberty Presbyterian Church.

Case Cemetery - small family cemetery with only four family members, all of whom passed away between August 23 and August 27 of 1821 from "bilious fever". link

Cole Hardin Cemetery - located on the south side of Hardin Lane, .6 miles east of Liberty Road. Registry and location information. link

Cronkleton Cemetery - located on SR 315, north of Bean-Oller Road. Registry and location information.

Goodrich Cemetery - a family cemetery, located between SR 315 and the Olentangy River close to Jewett, Registry and location information.

Joslin Cemetery - this cemetery can no longer be located but was originally located west of SR 315 and south of Jewett Road Registry. Registry and location information

Leasure Cemetery - located on the east bank of the Scioto River just south of Rutherford Road. There is a marker in the park area. Registry and location information.

Liberty Church (Liberty Presbyterian Church) - located at the corner of SR 315 and Home Road, this is the largest and most known cemetery in Liberty Township. The memorials are currently being restored by Liberty Township. link. Registry and location information.

Powers-Knapp Cemetery - Registry and location information.

Rhoades Cemetery -